Graduate Students

Babcock, SarahPre-Modern Chinese Literature and
Friedman, Ursula DeserContemporary Chinese/Taiwanese/Latin American Literature and Translation
Fryberger, PatrickMedia and Gaming Studies in Contemporary
Gabrielson, CarlMilitary-Civilian Relations in Japan and the U.S.-Japan Security
Harris, SabraContemporary Japan, Indigenous Studies, Ainu Identity, Folklore and
Hunter, IanContemporary
Jiang, Linshanmodern and contemporary literature and film in mainland China, Taiwan and Japan; trauma and memory studies; gender and emotion studies; comparative literature and translation
Kataoka, ElizabethModern Japanese
Lee, LotusChinese
HSSB 2214
Wednesday 2-4PM
Lee, SoohyunEast Asian Intellectual History
Modern Chinese Literature
Late Qing Novel
HSSB 2233
Liang, YuanReligious Revival in Contemporary China, Religion and
Lovell, JosephModern Chinese History, Media Studies & Sound
Ma, YimingModern Chinese and Japanese Literature, Affect Studies,
Moore, KeitaContemporary Japanese and Korean
Ni, WinniJapanese Literature, Gender
HSSB 2219
F 2 pm - 3 pm
Reichenbaecher, ChristophSumo as professionalized performance art during early modern
Shi, SophiaMedieval Chinese
Ugoretz, KaitlynShinto, Religion in Japan, Online
Wang, WandiPremodern Chinese
Wu, YueModern Chinese Literature and Cultural
Xu, TengAnthropology of
Zhang, YuyuChinese
Zhao, YangPremodern Chinese