Graduate Students

Babcock, SarahPre-Modern Chinese Literature and
Brown, VictoriaModern and Contemporary Japanese Pop
HSSB 2229
Thurs. 10:00-11:00 AM & 1:00-2:00 PM
Fryberger, PatrickContemporary China, Cultural Anthropology, Film and Media
HSSB 2229
Tue. 12:30-1:30 PM; Thu. 3:30-4:30 PM
Gabrielson, CarlMilitarism in Contemporary
Hovey, AllisonContemporary
Hu, XiaoChinese Language
Jiang, Linshanmodern and contemporary literature and film in mainland China, Taiwan and Japan; interdisciplinary study of memory and
HSSB 2232 (Chinese TA Office)
10-11am on Tuesdays
Kataoka, ElizabethModern Japanese
Kong, LingqianPre-Modern Chinese
La, AnnieContemporary China, Chinese Internet Linguistics, and
HSSB 2229
TH 1-3
Lee, LotusChinese
HSSB 2214
Wednesday 2-4PM
Li, YongliContemporary Chinese Cinema and Cultural
Lovell, JosephModern Chinese History & Sound
HSSB 2214
Moore, KeitaContemporary Japanese and Korean
Ni, WinniJapanese Literature, Gender
HSSB 2219
F 2 pm - 3 pm
Pham, AnBuddhist
Reichenbaecher, ChristophSumo as professionalized performance art during early modern
Simpson, Emily B.Premodern Japanese Religion, Folklore, and Gender
Ugoretz, KaitlynShinto, History of Religion in Japan, Online Religious
HSSB 2214
Tues 10am-12pm
Wasson, KaiAnthropological studies of rightwing activist groups in Japan and the United
Xie, FengChinese Language
Xu, ChangChinese
Xu, TengContemporary Chinese media and
HSSB 2214
Tuesdays 2–3pm and Thursdays 10–11am
Zhao, YangPremodern Chinese
HSSB 2231