The department offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in three areas:
Asian Studies

All majors include coursework in East Asian cultural studies (involving one or more East Asian countries). For courses associated with each major, see the Course Catalog.

All majors and minors in the department are required to take:

  • A minimum of 6 quarters of lower division language (can be waived through placement exam)
  • Both of our core courses: EACS 4A and EACS 4B. Both courses must be taken for a letter grade.

Graduates of the East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies majors have gone on to pursue successful careers a Chinese and Japanese language instructors, English instructors in East Asia, education administration and teaching, and in fields as diverse as the tourist industry, media industry, global marketing, banking, diplomacy, international business, law, public service, research, film or television subtitler, and the arts.

To declare the Major in Chinese, Japanese or Asian Studies, or a Minor in Chinese or Japanese, please contact the EALCS undergraduate Advisor, Alyson Alexander.

One way to reach Alyson Alexander is to send an email to: aalexander@hfa.ucsb.edu with your name and perm number, or, feel free to stop by the office: HSSB 4038. Advising hours are: Monday-Friday 9:00 am-12:00 pm and 1:00 pm-4:00 pm.

Study Abroad

The Department of East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies strongly encourages its students to study abroad through the UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP). East Asia is now solidly a global center of economic production, innovative cultural trends, and traditional lifestyles. Today, no one’s education is complete without a deep knowledge of the East Asian world. And there’s no better way to deepen your understanding than to spend time in East Asia—in China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, or Hong Kong—and experience the excitement of life there in all its complexities and fascination.

Through UCEAP, you can choose to study at over 150 universities in 40 different countries. The program is flexible so that you can earn credits toward your major, stay on track to graduate on time, and even transfer your financial aid. So why not spend a summer, a semester, or a year in Taipei, in Tokyo, or in Seoul? You also have the opportunity to study the global impact of East Asian cultures in universities outside of East Asia, such as in Europe, South America, Africa, or Australia.

As a UCSB student, you also have the opportunity to receive scholarship support if you would like to add an internship to your coursework abroad. The UCSB EAP Freeman Foundation Internship Scholarship provides $3,000-$6,000 for students pursuing an academic internship through their UCEAP program. This is available only in select UCEAP programs in East Asia. Interested students must apply to both their UCEAP program and to the Freeman Internship program and be accepted by both. The Freeman application deadline for Spring 2025 programs is May 13, 2024. Check here for UCEAP program-specific application deadlines.