Daoxiong Guan

Daoxiong Guan
M.A., Washington University in St. Louis; M.A., Nanjing University (China)

Lecturer with Continuing Appointment

Specialization: Chinese Language; Chinese Classical Literature

Office: HSSB 2241


Daoxiong Guan joins UCSB in 1994. He is one of founding members of the Chinese Language Program and has served as the program coordinator as well as acting director for several terms. As a teaching professor, he has taught Chinese courses at all levels in different subjects, including Modern Chinese (elementary, intermediate and advanced levels), Modern Chinese for Heritage Speakers (elementary and intermediate levels), Conversational Chinese (intermediate-low and advanced levels), Reading and Writing in Chinese, Business Chinese (intermediate and advanced levels) and Classical Chinese. His research interests mainly focus on two areas, Business Chinese and Chinese Classical Literature.

His publications include books A Practical Business Chinese Reader (2000, 2003, 2018), Ok! Business Chinese (OK! 비즈니스 중국어, Korean-Chinese edition, 2002, 2008), Business Chinese 101(2015), Multidimensional Exploration of Business Chinese Teaching and Research (2020, editor-in-chief), Business Chinese Language Teaching and Research from a Global Perspective (2017, editor-in-chief), 《龚自珍诗文选译》 (co-author, 2011), 《古代文化基础》(major contributor, 1995), and research papers “Practice and Research on Chinese for Specific Purposes”(co-author),”An Investigation of Core Content of Business Chinese Instruction – A Three-dimensional Perspective“(co-author), “商务汉语阅读理解与案例讨论中的问题类型与应用”,“商务汉语教学与研究”,“1997—2017 年商务汉语教学探索与实践:热点与反思”(co-author), “商务汉语教材的范围、内容和开放式架构设计”,“商务汉语教学中的任务类型及设计”,“翻译任务在商务华语教学中之运用”, “案例式商务汉语教材的定位与策略”,“北美高校商务汉语的课程设计与教学方法”,“清代散文的嬗变”,“论晚明公安派文论的新变思想”,“纪昀的宋诗优劣说”,“纪昀的文学史论”,and Wen Xuan, or Selections of Refined Literature. Volume 3, Rhapsodies on Natural Phenomena, Birds and Animals, Aspirations and Feelings, Sorrowful Laments, Literature, Music, and Passions (review), etc.

Before he came to UCSB, Guan was a faculty member at the University of Oregon (1993-94), Washington University in St. Louis (1989-91) and Nanjing University (1984-89). Daoxiong Guan received his MA in Classical Chinese Literature at Nanjing University in 1984 and his second MA in East Asian Studies at Washington University in St. Louis in 1993.





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Selected Articles

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Courses Taught

  • Chinese 1-2-3 : Elementary Chinese
  • Chinese 4-5-6 : Intermediate Chinese
  • Chinese 125: Business Chinese