Global Storytelling: Narrating Childhoods in Taiwan Workshop (April 6-7, 2023)

Please join us for an exciting event held by the Center for Taiwan Studies and co-sponsored by EALCS.

Global Storytelling brings together student “scholars in training” with international experts and community members to engage in critical, collective reflections about ethnographic methods, qualitative inquiry, and stories of growing up in Taiwan. Hailing from three different continents, participants gather at UC Santa Barbara to learn from and with each other in short presentations, roundtable discussions, methodological training sessions, and collective reflections.

Two keynotes—one on the language of migrant resistance, the other on funereal silence—and a film director’s talk with Feng-I Fiona Roan as well as the screening of American Girl (2021) provide additional texture. Please join us!

More information can be found on the other posters, provided below.