East Asian Information Literacy Tutorial Series

We are pleased to share the news that the East Asian Information Literacy Tutorial Series (Phase I), created by UCSB Librarian for East Asian Studies Yao Chen, has been completed and released. This is a series of short tutorials to contextualize Information Literacy concepts in the field of East Asian Studies. Phase I includes 13 close-captioned videos about 3-6 minutes long each. This series can support and complement research-related courses and be used by students at their point of need.

This project is funded by the Librarians Association of the University of California and the University of California, Santa Barbara Library. It was created by Yao Chen, with the collaboration of a group of librarians in North America on it. EALCS Ph.D. candidate Linshan Jiang was also a part of the project.

We hope you could consider using this Series to supplement teaching and learning and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please help share with whoever may find it useful.