2019 Department Newsletter Release

The 2019 Department newsletter is now available for download. Though delayed due to the pandemic, we are excited to tell you about many of the wonderful achievements of our students, alumni, faculty, staff, and programs.

2019 UCSB EALCS Newsletter Cover
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Table of contents:

  • Words From the Chair
  • Chinese Language Program
  • Japanese Language Program
  • East Asia Center
  • In Her Own Words: Professor Xiaorong Li on Her New Book
  • Confucius Institute
  • The Writ of the Three Sovereigns by Professor Dominic Steavu
  • 2018 Fall Workshop and 10th Anniversary of Chinese Language Teachers’ Association of Southern California (CLTA-SC)
  • Talking with Patrick Laboon (MA in 2016)
  • Talking with Allison Visconti (MA in 2018)
  • Faculty Activities
  • Center for Taiwan Studies