Undergraduate Program

The department offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in three areas:
Asian Studies

All majors include coursework in East Asian cultural studies (involving one or more East Asian countries). For courses associated with each major, see the Course Catalog.

Alumni of our East Asian Languages majors have gone on to pursue successful careers in fields as diverse as banking, diplomacy, international business, law, public service, research, teaching and the arts.

To declare a East Asian concentration or minor, students should make an appointment with the Department advisor, Ruby Gutierrez.

How to make an appointment:

On your e-mail, please provide:

1. Name
2. Perm Number
3. Day(s) you are available to see me
4. Time(s) you are available to see me
5. Reason for the appointment

Advising Hours are  Monday-Friday 9AM-12PM and 1PM-4PM at HSSB 4038