Lingqian Kong

Lingqian Kong

Specialization: Pre-Modern Chinese Literature

Research Field:

I study women’s representations and textual productions from Late Imperial China to the Republic of China periods. My research emphasizes how women from the 17th to early 20th centuries in China were portrayed in erotic fiction authored by their male counterparts and how their own writings – in all genres including poetry, song lyrics, tanci, and later fiction – reveal how they received and perceived the discourse of eroticism.

Ph.D. Dissertation:
Love and Lust: Women and Eroticism in 17th to Early 20th Century China

Academic History

  • M.A. Columbia University
    • M.A. Thesis: The Filial Body and the Sensual Body: Castration in Li Yu’s Two Homosexual Stories
  • B.A. University of Hong Kong

Additional Study:

  • 2005-2006: Fudan University


  • Dr. Xiaorong Li, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies
  • Dr. Michael Berry, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies
  • Dr. Hsiao-Jung Yu, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies
  • Dr. Ronald Egan, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, Stanford University

Teaching Experience


  • Spring 2013    ASAM 4: Asian American Popular Culture   Dr. Shimizu
  • Winter 2013    EACS 4A: East Asian Pre-Modern               Dr. Li & Dr. Rambelli
  • Spring 2012    EACS 4B: East Asian Modern                     Dr. Berry & Dr. Frühstück
  • Fall 2011         Chinese 1: Elementary Modern Chinese      Dr. Chen

Teaching Associate:

  • Fall 2012         Chinese 148: Historic Lives