The Center for Taiwan Studies (CTS) and Institute of Taiwan History (ITH) at Academia Sinica Collaboration Ceremony


The Center for Taiwan Studies (CTS)
Institute of Taiwan History (ITH) at Academia Sinica

Collaboration Ceremony


Date: June 21st, 2013

Time: 9 AM to 10:10 AM

Location: The McCune Conference Room (6020 HSSB)


CTS and the Institute of Taiwan History at Academia Sinica
Established Agreement of Cooperation and Exchange
With Joint Effort to Promote Taiwan StudiesFrom International Perspectives


TheCenter for Taiwan Studies (CTS) at UCSB and the Institute of Taiwan History (ITH) at Academia Sinica are pleased to announce that both institutions are now entering the final stages of establishing a formal agreement for academic collaboration.

This collaboration, founded on the principle of reciprocity and the intention to enhance relations between the two institutions, seeks to promoteacademic and cultural interchange in the areas of education, research, and other scholarly activities that advance the internationalization of Taiwan Studies.

The areas of cooperation will include any program offered at either institution that is felt to be desirable and feasible for the development and strengthening of cooperative relationships between the two institutions. However, any specific program shall be subject to mutual consent, availability of funds, and approval of each institution.

Such programs may include:


 a) Exchange of faculty,

b) Exchange of students,

c) Joint research projects,

d) Co-sponsorship of workshops and conferences, and

e) Exchange of academic materials.


On December 10, 2012 Professor Kuo-Ch’ing Tu, the Director of the CTS, visited the ITH in Taipei and signed an MOU with Dr. Hsieh Kuo-hsing, the Director of ITH, and Dr. Shi-yung Liu, Deputy Director of Academic Affairs at the ITH. The formal agreement for this collaboration will be signed on June 21st, 2013 when the CTS will host Dr. Hsieh Kuo-hsing and Dr. Shi-yung Liu, at UCSB.

Director Tu and the CTS staff are eagerly looking forward to this collaboration and to working closely with the ITH in the promotion of Taiwan Studies in North America and internationally.

Event Date:

June 21, 2013 - 9:00am

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