UCSB Center for Taiwan Studies Mourns

The Center for Taiwan Studies at UCSB would like to express our deepest condolences to the three families of Taiwanese, Chinese, and Asian descent who lost their dearest sons and brothers to the carnage and shooting events that happened nearby our campus on May 23, 2014.  We also would like to extend our sympathy to the friends, allies, colleagues, and students of the fallen stars and victims of hate violence in our UCSB Taiwanese, Chinese, and Asian American communities.  We would like you to know that we are with you in mourning and in solidarity against hate of any kind as we begin the long process of healing.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for support and advice as well as suggestions for activities to help commemorate the very senseless and abrupt passing of our cherished students and community members. We shall forever remember you-- James Hong, Weihan "David" Wang, and George Chen--as our students and one of us.  Together, we mourn.  In solidarity, we learn and grow.  

  Professor Pei-te Lien, Acting Director and

  Professor Kuo-ch'ing Tu, Director of CTS