The Taiwan Studies Scholarship Fund

The Ministry of Education of the Republic of China in Taiwan and the UCSB Graduate Division have provided funding to encourage and support study in the humanities and social sciences related to the people, history, society and culture of Taiwan.  The Taiwan Studies Fund is available for graduate work-study financial support, undergraduate scholarships, senior projects, and for Taiwan Studies postdoctoral researchers and visiting scholars. 

The application process is below.  Those interested in applying may send their application to the Center for Taiwan Studies:

Heather Weitzel, Manager

KC Tu, Director

Undergraduate Students:

Undergraduate scholarships are available to UCSB students in order to undertake advanced studies and pursue research projects in a Taiwan related subject.  Students may arrange a senior project with a professor, working on a research paper to be completed in one quarter.  Students may apply by submitting a statement of purpose of approximately 500 words explaining research interests and a proposed topic, a brief list of bibliography of related scholarly works, and a transcript.

Graduate Students:

In addition to the Fellowships for Ph.D. students in pursuit of Taiwan Studies, funds are also available to support UCSB graduate students as research assistants in an area related to Taiwan studies. Research-ships are provided on the basis of financial need and academic performance.  Currently enrolled graduate students working on Taiwan-related research may apply by submitting a 500 word statement of explanation of the proposed research plan, a C.V., and a statement of current level of financial aid or TA-ships for the academic year.

Visiting Scholars:

This fund will support scholars and specialists in the field of Taiwan studies, including postdoctoral researchersvisiting UCSB for up to a three quarter term during the normal academic year.  To apply, please submit aproposal of approximately 500 words, an explanation of the topic and methodology of the research project, a budget proposal with the current salary level, the proposed length of stay, and a C.V.