Taiwan Literature

English Translation Series



Taiwan Literature: English Translation Series introduces English readers voices of Taiwan literature as expressed in recent publications in Taiwanese writers and scholars, with viewpoints on their own literature. This promotes a better understanding and effective knowledge among scholars abroad of the current state and tendencies of literature as it has developed in Taiwan, and it enhances the study of Taiwan literature from international perspectives. Two issues are published year, each with its own focus. The content of each issue is comprised of critiques, fiction, essays, poems, and studies. The selection of articles, translation into English, and publication are carried out by the Forum for the Study of World Literatures in Chinese under the aegis of the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center of the University of California, Santa Barbara.






"New Taiwan Literature"
"Taiwan Literature, International Perspective"
"Aboriginal Literature in Taiwan"
"Voices of Nativist Literature in Taiwan"
"Literature and Social Concerns"
"Urban Literature and Fin de Siecle in Taiwan"
"Travel and Visiting One's Own Homeland"
"Taiwan Literature, Nature and Environment"
"Taiwan Folk Literature"
"Children's Literature in Taiwan"
"Women's Literature in Taiwan (I)"
"Women's Literature in Taiwan (II)"
"Taiwan Literature and History"
Journal Number 13, December 2002
"Taiwan Literature and Festivals"
Journal Number 14, December 2002
"Lai Ho, Wo Cho-liu and Taiwan Literature"
Journal Number 15, December 2002

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