Taiwan Literature Studies Database

The online Taiwan Literature Studies database (TLSD) aims at worldwide studies on Taiwan literature in Chinese, English, Japanese and other major languages. The data, as of Spring 1998, contain about two thousand records; each record provides publication information of a specific book or an article divided into the following fourteen fields:

    1. Workform 8. Place of Publication
    2. Author/Editor 9. Date of Publication
    3. Title (Book/Article) 10. Extent of Work
    4. Translator 11. Genre
    5. Source 12. Language
    6. Volume/Issue/Page 13. Notes/Comments
    7. Publisher Name 14. Keywords


The TLSD can be searched according to the Wade-Giles Romanization or Chinese characters in the Big-5 code according to the following criteria: Language, Genre, Type of Work, Title of Book/Article, Author/Editor, Translator, Source of Article/Chapter, Keywords.

The TLSD can be browsed by Book Title or by Journal Title . These options will be helpful for checking sources of articles contained in a journal or chapters in a book, as well as for knowing the publication period of a journal covered in the database. To browse now, click an option below.


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