We are part of the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies. We offer a wide range of Chinese language courses:

  • Core language courses from first to third year levels.
  • Heritage track courses for students who have prior Chinese language experience.
  • Complementary courses in elementary and intermediate levels of business Chinese.
  • Advanced reading courses beyond the Intermediate level.
  • 3-week summer language & culture program in Shanghai or Taiwan.
  • Extra cultural activities held in each quarter.

The goal of our program is to provide a solid foundation of Chinese language skills, cultural knowledge and experience in communication that will enable students to continue using and enjoying the language. We hope our language courses can deepen studentsí cultural understanding, expanding and enriching their personal lives

Coordinator: Chen-Chuan Hsu
Lecturer in Chinese

Office: HSSB 2225
Department address: 4001 Humanities and Social Sciences Building
Santa Barbara, CA 93106
Department phone: 805-893-4505
Department fax: 805-893-7671