Lotus Lee

Chinese Buddhism
HSSB 2214
Office Hours:
Wednesday 2-4PM
Time Period: Fall 2018

I study post-Tang and early Song Chinese Buddhism with an emphasis on Chan and Huayan thought and commentarial works. I am also interested in religion in Chinese poetry and literature.

Academic History

  • B.A., Santa Clara University
  • M.A. Religious Studies,¬†Stanford University
  • M.A. East Asian Studies, UC Santa Barbara


  • Dr. Dominic Steavu-Balint
  • Dr. Vesna A. Wallace
  • Dr. Thomas Mazanec

TA Experience

  • RGST 4, Introduction to Buddhism
  • RGST 21, Zen Buddhism
  • RGST 23, Introduction to Chinese Buddhism
  • EACS 4B, Modern China and Japan Studies
  • RGST 3, Asian Religious Traditions