Allan Grapard

Emeritus Professor
Ph.D., National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations, Paris


Over the past twenty-five years or so Allan Grapard’s research on Japanese religious history has followed three main lines of enquiry: Shinto-Buddhist interactions, sacred geography, and a variety of Japanese cultic practices. Professor Grapard’s teaching is closely related to these lines of enquiry and is geared to question the relations between ideas, institutions, and practices, in a variety of formats. Although the endowed chair he holds stipulates Shinto studies, it should be understood that Professor Grapard has always paid equal attention to Shinto and Buddhism, a feature best symbolized by his longstanding interest in mountain religion (Shugendo) and in medieval Shinto-Buddhist schools. Professor Grapard is a dedicated teacher and welcomes anybodymind.

Finally, it should be emphasized that Professor Grapard is an Affiliate of the Religious Studies Department which means that anybody can work toward a Doctorate in that department under his supervision.

Professor Grapard’s current research projects include the symbolism of food offerings in Shinto shrines; further studies in Japanese religious geography, assisted by computer-generated three-D models; and the history of Shinto-Buddhist interactions. Protocol of the Gods received the Berkeley Prize for best book in Asian Studies by a senior scholar, as well as the Lilienthal Prize for best book in Japanese Studies. Professor Grapard has published altogether 3 books and 75 articles and book chapters.

Selected Articles:

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