M.A./Ph.D. Student
Anthropological studies of hate groups in Japan

Research Focus:

I am exploring systems of reconciliation among East and Southeast Asian societies. The notorious Yasukuni Shrine has become the ideological epicenter of Japan’s rightist political movement, particularly as it concerns historical memory. My research will delve into organizations that engage with the historical discourse propagated by institutions like the Yasukuni Shrine in order to discern how reconciliation over historical concerns is often thwarted, yet strived for in less prominent ways.

Academic History

  • B.A. Anthropology and Asian Studies, State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo
      Honors Thesis: “Veneration and Vitriol: American Empire and the Conundrum of Yasukuni Shrine”

Teaching Experience

  • Fall 2015: JAPAN 63: Sociology of Japan, Silke Werth


  • 2013: “The Power of Invisibility: American Empire in the Conundrum of Yasukuni Shrine.” The Princeton Journal of East Asian Studies, vol. 5 (Fall 2013): 171-204.


  • Dr. Sabine Fruhstuck
  • Dr. Ann-elise Lewallen
  • Dr. Kate McDonald