Emm Simpson

M.A./Ph.D. Student
Premodern Japanese Religion

Research Focus:

Emm is exploring the various reinterpretations of Empress Jingū, a shamanic ruler described in the earliest recorded Japanese texts, throughout Japanese history. She is particularly interested in the appearance of Empress Jingū in the religious tests of the Kamakura period.

Additional Information:

While her primary research centers on this particular empress, Emm is also interested in Japanese shamanism in general, women in Japanese religion, and Asian folklore.
In her spare time, she enjoys writing fiction, hiking, and spending time with dogs and cats.

Academic History

  • B.A. Asian Studies, Vassar College
  • Senior Thesis: The Miko’s Gift: Shaman Queens of Ancient Japan

Additional Teaching Experience:

Over 2 years experience as English teacher in Japan.

Conference Papers

  • 11/2/2013
    “The Power of Precedent: Referencing Chinese and Buddhist Traditions in the Hachiman Gudōkun,” Panel VIII: Plurality & Hybridization: Changing Conceptions of Practice in Religion & Medicine. Texas Asia Conference: Tradition and Transition University of Texas at Austin, Department of Asian Studies Graduate Conference.


  • Dr. Fabio Rambelli, EALCS
  • Dr. Katherine Saltzman-Li, EALCS
  • Dr. Luke Roberts, Department of History