Ph.D. Candidate
Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature and Cultural Studies

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Research Focus:

Cara studies modern and contemporary Chinese literature and film, specializing in science fiction from the PRC, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Her dissertation explores contemporary Chinese-language science fiction as a genre that maintains continuity with pre-modern and modern Chinese literary traditions, while at the same time both upholding and subverting conventions of Western science fiction to highlight the societal significance of themes such as environmentalism and Chinese identity formation.


In addition to this main research, Cara is pursuing a PhD emphasis in applied linguistics, focusing on Chinese language pedagogy.


Cara is also an active literary translator.

Academic History

  • M.A. University of California Santa Barbara
      M.A. Thesis: How Far Is Beijing? Gender and the Capital in Tie Ning’s “How Long Is Forever” and “Night of the Spring Breeze”
  • B.A. Princeton University

Dissertation Title: Genre Transgressions and (Trans)Nationalism in Chinese Language Science Fiction

Additional Study:

  • Summer 2013: Associated Colleges in China Summer Field Studies at Central University for Nationalities, Beijing
  • Summer 2008 & 2006: Princeton in Beijing at Beijing Normal University

Teaching Experience


  • Spring 2014 – CHIN 40: Chinese Popular Culture; Dr. Berry.
  • Winter 2014 – EACS 4A: East Asian Premodern; Dr. Li & Dr. Rambelli
  • Fall 2013 – Chinese 1: Elementary Modern Chinese; Dr. Chen
  • Spring 2013 – EACS 4B: East Asian Modern; Dr. Nathan & Dr. Zheng
  • Winter 2013 – EACS 4A: East Asian Premodern; Dr. Li & Dr. Rambelli
  • Fall 2012 – Chinese 1: Elementary Modern Chinese; Dr. Chen

Other Teaching Experience:

  • Summer 2013 – Education and Science Society Summer Camp, Pingjiang, Hunan China

Related Experience:

Before starting graduate school, Cara worked as Program Coordinator for the Princeton in Beijing intensive language program and Princeton University’s Chinese Linguistics Project.



  • 2015-2016: Graduate Humanities Research Fellowship, UCSB
  • 2013: Nomination for Academic Senate Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, UCSB
  • 2013: Award For Excellence, Center for Taiwan Studies, UCSB
  • 2013: Fulbright-Hays GPA Summer Field Studies Scholarship, Associated Colleges in China
  • 2011-2015: Eugene Cota-Robles FellowshipUniversity of California


  • Teng, Xiaolan. “Year after Year.” Tr. Cara Healey. Pathlight 12 (Autumn 2015).
  • Deng, Yiguang. “Wolves Walk Atwain.” Tr. Cara Healey. Pathlight 11 (Spring 2015).
  • Zhu, Wenying. “Double Pupil.” Tr. Cara Healey. Pathlight 10 (Autumn 2014).
  • Tie, Ning. “Night of the Spring Breeze.” Tr. Cara Healey. Pathlight 7 (Winter 2013)

Conference Papers

  • 6/2015:“Environmentalism and Dystopia in Cross-strait Chinese Science Fiction.” Science Fiction Research Association Conference.
  • 4/2015:“Ecocatastrophe, Cyberpunk, and Lu Xun: Chen Qiufan’s Waste Tide as Bricolage,” Berkeley-Stanford Graduate Student Conference in Modern Chinese Humanities.
  • 4/2015:“Memory and Writing in Wu Ming-yi’s The Man with the Compound Eyes,” Memory, Moment and Mobility in East Asia: East Asian Languages and Cultures Graduate Conference University of Southern California.
  • 3/2015: “Speculations of Ascendency: Imagining China’s Rise Through Science Fiction,” American Comparative Literature Association Annual Meeting.
  • 2/2015: “Speculation and Marginalized Voices in Wu Ming-yi’s The Man with the Compound Eyes,” Columbia University’s 24th Annual Graduate Student Conference on East Asia, February 20-21
  • 3/2014
    “How Far Is Beijing? Gender and China’s Capital in Tie Ning’s ‘Night of the Spring Breeze,'” American Comparative Literature Association Annual Meeting.
  • 7/2013
    〈师生互动,因材施教:介绍美国大学的互动式教学〉“Student Teacher Interaction and Tailoring   Teaching to Students’ Individual Talents: An Introduction to Interactive Education at American Universities,”   海内外农村基础教育大会 Education and Science Society Conference.
  • 4/2012
    “Communicative Language Teaching in Introductory Chinese Language Textbooks,” Sixth UC Language Consortium Conference on Theoretical and Pedagogical Perspectives.
  • 2/2012
    “Children of Prostitutes in 1930’s China: Comparing Portrayals in Goddess and ‘Crescent Moon,’” UCLA Center for the Study of Women “Thinking Gender” Conference.
  • 3/2008
    “Portrayal of Female Suicide and Female Chastity in Zhang Xian’s ‘Bei aiqing yiqwang de jiaoluo’ (A corner forsaken by love),” Seventh International Junior Scholars’ Conference on Sinology.


  • Dr. Michael Berry, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies
  • Dr. Michael Curtin, Department of Film and Media Studies
  • Dr. Xiaorong Li, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies
  • Dr. Hsiao-jung Yu, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies