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  1. Apr

    1. Struggle, Distortion, and Approximation: Translating the Declarations of the Perfected (Zhen’gao) – Stephen R. Bokenkamp (Arizona State University) @ HSSB 3041
      5:00 pm – 7:00 pm


      Stephen R. Bokenkamp
      (Arizona State University)

      In attempting to understand the Declarations of the Perfected (Zhen’gao), a fourth-century Chinese collection of transcripts from a Daoist medium who channeled the gods, we confront not only the normal problems of translating intimate family documents from an unfamiliar culture and distant time, but added complexities brought on by the fact that the materials that formed the basis for this text were revealed in a divine language unintelligible to mortals.

  2. May

    1. Hank Glassman – “Remembering the Dead in Medieval Japan: On the Origins of Stone Grave Markers” @ SSMS 2135
      4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
      Hank Glassman

      Hank Glassman
      (Haverford College)

      Presented by the International Shinto Foundation Endowed Chair in Shinto Studies, Japanese Religions Lectures

      About the Talk

      In the famous wars between the Genji and the Heike, Tōdaiji and other important monuments in the “old capital” of Nara were burned to the ground. Shujōbō Chōgen (1121-1206), placed in charge of the rebuilding, enlisted the help of Chinese artisans form the port city of Ningbo to come help in the reconstruction. This invitation, made at the close of the twelfth century, coincided with an increasing attention to the site of cremation and burial and the start of the custom of visiting graves or hakamairi. In this talk, I examine the identities of the continental stone carvers who came to Japan and the activities of their descendants in the second and third generation. I also take up the question of permanent grave markers and tended, maintained graves, as developed in thirteenth-century Japan.

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      Organized by the ISF Chair in Shinto Studies; co-sponsored with the Department of History of Art and Architecture.

  3. May

    1. Symposium: “War and Remembrance: Cultural Imprints of Japan’s Samurai Age.” (all-day) @ Flying A Studios Room
      May 8

      An interdisciplinary group of scholars of medieval and early modern Japanese literature, history, religion, and performing arts examine topics related to “War and Remembrance” during Japan’s years of military rule (late 12th to late 19th centuries). Exploring a range of representations and responses to war, participants examine the impacts of war on cultural memory and production.

      For the schedule, participants, and presentation abstracts, please visit:,
      or contact the symposium organizer,
      Dr. Katherine Saltzman-Li.

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  4. Sep

    1. Chinese Language Placement Test – Fall 2015 @ HSSB 4080
      3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

      Visit the Chinese Language Program website for more information and to sign up for the test. Please fill out the sign-up sheet and send it to Chen-Chuan (Jennifer) Hsu,