Current Courses (Spring 2014)

Special Topics Courses:

  • CHIN 26 - New Phenomena in 21st Century Chinese
    M/W, 12:30-1:45PM. Instructor: Hsiao-jung Yu.
    The Chinese language today consists of a number of new words, phrases, and expression from languages such as English and Japanese. This course is to explore the contact and its impact on Chinese language, culture, and society in the 21st century.
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  • KOREAN 113 - Korean Literature Survey
    M, 3:00-5:50PM. Instructor: Youme Kim (e-mail)
    This course offers an introduction to representative Korean literary works from the Choseon dynasty to the present day, covering diverse genres, major works, and key authors. The class readings of translated short fiction and folk-tales aim to introduce the student to the major cultural themes and historical events that have shaped Korean society and arts today. The main readings are supplemented with historical narratives, films, television dramas, and music. The course does not assume any background in Korean language, history, or culture.
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