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Charles Bazerman is a Professor in the Department of Education. His commitment to literacy and the teaching of writing started over forty years ago when he was teaching first and third grade in inner-city Brooklyn. Then he saw concretely how learning to read and write changed the dispositions and bearing of individual children, made possible a successful relationship to schooling, and improved life chances. He also saw the effects of children on entering the world of literacy. A few years later, when he began teaching at City University of New York during the early years of open admissions, he found professional satisfaction in helping students enter into the literate discussion of the university. His research and pedagogic interests started from the teaching of writing to encompass the ways we make use of reading in our writing and then the ways in which academic writing is organized around the literatures of the several disciplines.

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Xiaorong Li’s areas of research are concerned with gender and literary production, women’s writings, literati culture, and literary trends in the late imperial period (ca. 1500–1900).  She also conducts research on women poets in classical Chinese poetry in Japan and Korea from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries. Although her primary focus is on gender issues, she is at pains to situate the study of women within the broader historical and cultural context of the particular era. 

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Professor Lien’s primary research interest is the political participation and representation of Asian and other nonwhite Americans. Most of her recent work examines the intersection of race, ethnicity, gender, and nativity in political behavior, both of the elites and the mass. She is a co-principal investigator of the Gender and Multicultural Leadership project and a co-author of a forthcoming book Contested Transformation: Race, Gender, and Political Leadership in 21st Century America (Cambridge UP, 2016) based on this project.

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